Dabbs Greer, a volcano of talent

It is not quite often that you come across an ace actor who has adorned the silver screen and the television alike and has some memorable achievements in his portfolio deezer herunterladen kostenlos. Such a personality is Robert William “Dabbs” Greer. He is an actor who had essayed several character roles to perfection all through his career spanning 50 years itunes downloaden gratis nederlands. His voice actually suited better with country characters. Well, that is what I feel personally. 

Greer’s father, Bernice Irene was a speech teacher by profession das boot downloaden. On the contrary, his mother was a druggist named Randall Alexander Greer. His birth place is Fairview, Missouri. Dabbs Greer was a student of Drury University ubuntu schrift herunterladen. This prolific actor passed away in California in April, 2007. In his last days, he was ridden with heart and kidney ailments. He was a bachelor till his death commerzbank kontoauszug herunterladen.

 Did you know that Dabbs Greer was famous for the movie The Adventures of Superman fans? He starred in the first episode titled Superman on Earth that was released in 1952 skype 7 herunterladen. In the movie, Five Minutes to Doom, he made an appearance as the chief guest star. This versatile actor also played the role of a crazy and wealthy guy in a 1958 movie titled ‘The Superman Silver Mine’ video herunterladen von facebook. He is indeed one of USA’s most talented actors. This is not to say that Greer spent much of his career in movie industry only. I can tell you that he had a stint with the NBC TV series where he acted till 1983 aktuellen windows media player kostenlos downloaden. He had a small but significant role in a film named “I Want to Live!” and an analogous role in “The Green Mile”.  In the first film, he plays the role of a San Quentin captain who is a witness to Barbara Graham‘s death sims freeplay inhalte herunterladen. The latter was released in 1999 where he essayed the role of a Death Row officer called Paul Edgecomb. Dabbs Greer has done many challenging roles in his career with élan herunterladen. He also rubbed his soldiers with many Hollywood bigwigs like Tom Hanks.