Myron Cope, a versatile talent

I am an avid sports lover and like to keep track of what is happening in the arena. Along with updating my knowledge on players and athletes I like to keep track of people who are involved in the field of athletics and sports as well. The other day I was sad to know that Myron Cope, one of my favorite sports journalist had passed away. Myron was an extremely talented guy who breathed his last on February 27, 2008. He was 79 years old at that time. He also donned the hats of a sports broadcaster and a radio jockey along with that of a journalist. He was a resident of Pittsburgh. I still remember his sharp, somewhat nasal tone and an excited voice that made him extremely popular with the listeners. Do you know that he was the only football commentator of the country to get an entry to the coveted National Radio Hall of Fame? That is a rare achievement by any standard. “Double Yoi”, his autobiography, first came out in 2002 and a second edition got released after 4 years. Myron did his schooling and graduation from the University of his Hometown. Before joining the job of broadcasting he was a journalist by profession. His first career stint was with the paper ‘Daily Times’. Thereafter he started freelancing as a journalist and did some work for the Sports Illustrated. In the 1960s, he had already become a familiar name in the radios. In 1970, he was inducted in the Steelers’ radio team. This brought him the limelight. Like some of his fellow workers, Myron became known for his typical catchphrases. I must admit that he had a wonderful comic timing and sense of humor. He often gave nicknames to players. He was undeterred by his son’s prolonged Autism problems and spent much time fighting against it spreading awareness about the disease. That is what I call a true fighter!