Payal Khanna divorces Aditya Chopra

Marriage and divorce are two opposite sides of ones life. One is a happy one while the other is traumatic. In most cases we are not bothered if the issue of marriage or divorce happens to anyone close around us (unless the person is a special friend or relative!) But what you will do if it is a wedding or divorce issue of a celebrity. Yes, I am talking about the much-discussed issue of the divorce of Aditya Chopra, a famous filmmaker of India, with her wife Payal Chopra whose maiden name is Payal Khanna.  For Payal Khanna’s marriage breakup has captured the media headlines. And why not? Aditya is a top celebrity who has a spicy affair with a top bollywood star! It is not the mother-in-law who is responsible for this incident; actually it is the much-hyped relationship with Rani Mukherjee that forced to bring this tragic end. Speculations were high in the market that Aditya and Rani had spent some nights together at the JW Marriott hotel. This is the issue that forced Payal Khanna to take this ultimate decision. She still believes that the situation can be normalized if Aditya changes his mind.  Rani explained that she had met Aditya for a very simple reason and it has nothing to do with the divorce with Payal Khanna. But Bollywood is buzzing with rumors and whisperings about the ensuing marriage between them. The problem in their way is automatically removed after divorce decision taken by Payal Khanna. In the five years long married life they were never witnessed together in a glamorous Bollywood Party.  Aditya is ready to pay any amount of money to get rid off the shackles of marriage with Payal Khanna. However the court will decide his alimony to his wife. He has made his mind to wed Rani but her mother is opposing this decision. His father Yash Chopra is not going against the decision of his son. The relationship between Rani and Aditya began to form when the shooting of the film “Hum Tum” was underway. Later the relationship between them grew and now, if rumors are to be believed, it is a full-blown affair.  There are lot of other stories are already prevalent in Bollywood; however this story is quite interesting because it deviates from them in some ways. The process usually begins when the person seeking custody files a document called a “non-parental custody petition”.  Getting an opportunity to be a part of the Chopra family is a coveted idea for anyone and Rani will certainly try to grab this opportunity at any cost. Check here to request a consultation for free on family matters with regards to divorce or child adoption.

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