Celsius drink: a drink with some steroid

Sometimes I get amazed to find some products that have unusual names. The other day I stumbled upon an energy drink labeled “Celsius”. It is a calorie burning drink from the stable of Celsius Holdings, Inc herunterladen. The company touts the Celsius drink as the only one in the market to have clinical functionality. To fortify the claim, 3 tests have been carried out where it was found that the drink can burn up to 100 calories per serving herunterladen. Each serving consists of 12 ounce. Celsius drink  is available in 5 various flavors and they are Cola, Lemon-lime, Orange, Ginger-ale and Wild Berry. 

Can you imagine how does Celsius drink achieve the gain in body metabolism engel und teufel kostenlos downloaden? Well, it acts as a thermogenic agent. It is called so because it increases the sagging metabolism by thermogenesis that stands for the generation of heat steam cs go herunterladen.

 You may think if the Celsius drink is worth the hype it created? The beverage received the prize of “Best New Beverage” in 2005 herunterladen. Next 2 years saw it fetching two other awards in the industry. The company adopted a clever marketing strategy. They promoted it as the only calorie burning drink that tastes like a soft drink seemannslieder kostenlosen. They also came up with the clinical evidence of its power. If you drink only one bottle of the beverage your metabolism arte will shot up by 12% in 3 hours ebook for free german illegal. This was established by a test conducted by the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2005. As a matter of fact, there is a measly amount of caffeine in the beverage herunterladen. For example, a standard Celsius drink bottle weighing 12 ounce has only 200 milligrams of that stimulant. If you compare this with other drinks you will see that similar amounts of coffee contain more than 200 milligrams of caffeine anno 1800 where to download. The American Beverage Association has confirmed this and it can be verified on their web site. It suggests that users should consume 3 bottles of the drink each day bluetooth for laptop for free german. To add to the taste, ingredients like sucralose, citric acid and carbonated filtered water have been used. Celsius drink also incorporates some natural flavors. The company claims that the drink works in sync with the body’s own metabolism to achieve the result.