Austin Debate US presidential election Obama Vs Clinton

If you have to stop your opponent who has overwhelmed you by defeating ten in row, you need to think twice before deterring him/her from that stupendous speed. It is something similar to restraining the speed of a storm. The same problem has to be faced by the New York senator Hillary Clinton. Before Clinton has to brave Obama in the Austin debate program, she is having a major problem of restraining the remaining glory of her political career.

 The basic and main object of Clinton in Austin debate would be to restrict Obama from getting more and more popularity among the mass. Further she has to stop Obama from achieving 11 consecutive victories by her speech in the debate at Austin. Win in Ohio and Texas for Hillary is somewhat must for surviving in the dual. But this face-to-face debating at Austin would certainly give her a golden opportunity for regaining her former political grandeur.   Aggression is certainly going to come out from Hillary’s side to retain her position and to taboo her opponent Obama who is rushing towards the post to grab the presidential post of the Democratic Party. The Austin debate will prove to be crucial. Though in the previous meting she had tried to damage the reputation of Obama by criticizing his mellifluous speeches and his hyperbolic statement about the things that he would do if he won in this election, it was all went in vein.     So it will be the last chance for Hillary and the last ordeal of Obama to overcome with an acute political knowledge. But the condition of Hillary is really trembling with uncertainties prevailing in the on going elections in Texas and Ohio. In both the places she is ahead of Obama but the difference is very minimal. In Ohio she is ahead of Obama of 7% and in Texas the difference is only 1%. Austin debate thus is a key point and she will take advantage of it.  The political career of Clinton is depending largely on this show where she must diminish the glory of Obama within the very short span of time. In the other hand, Obama has to find a way to escape the thorn of criticisms by using his wit and political knowledge. He may also attack Clinton but this would be a prudent decision. They will again meet within a brief gap of time in Cleveland but the fate of the election will be decided before that.