Who got voted off American idol? Garret , Davis Berry and Joanna

American idol is undoubtedly one of the most sought after reality show in the USA and I am sure you do not want to miss even a single episode. I watch every episode with rapt attention and the excitement and anticipation is great word text herunterladen. I am sure everyone waits with baited breath to see who will get eliminated from the show. Who got voted off American idol? This must be the question in your mind now herunterladen!  

On February 21 of this year, 2 women and 2 men were out of American idol. Already 4 contestants have been eliminated by audience poll herunterladen. Did you know that there were a total of 28 million votes from the viewers? Just think how the people are anxious to voice their opinion. Among the already eliminated candidates are Amy Davis, Garrett Haley, Colton Berry and Joanne Borgella Download and install psp games. The elimination round was full of suspense and the faces of some ousted contestants were worth watching. Some clearly showed despair while others tried to put up a dignified grace herunterladen. That makes the head count to 20 from the initial 24. Do you want to know how the first round of voter elimination took place? I bet you do. Then read on to find the details android outlook images.

 So if you want to know who went home on American idol you must know the show details. At 8.05 p.m. all the contestants did a medley. It was taken from the golden 60’s aimbot fortnite downloaden. No doubt the group looked nice, but did they sound nice, too? I think not. After 10 minutes a recap of the men’s section were shown. Garrett Haley was the first to leave pokerstars downloaden op ipad. So to the question who got voted in American idol the first answer is Garett Haley. The women’s section recap came at 8.25 p.m. The first casualty of the audience poll was Amy Davis herunterladen. After that I watched Paula’s catchy tune named “Dance like There’s No Tomorrow.” You know, I really feel that nowadays you do not need much talent to become a singer wie kann man netflix auf dem fernseher herunterladen. Once you get the limelight the hype carries you through. Maybe that is a trend of the time. After some really anxious minutes Joanne Borgella was packed off. Did you like her performance? I did, for sure. She has got the looks of a model and actually she is one. At 8.55 p.m. Colton Berry had to leave. That means for now, Chikezie Eze is safe. So much for now. To get more updated news on American Idol keep your eyes glued to this page. Much astonishment and surprises are in store for you. http://idol-mania.com/american-idol-fan/