Fred Simmons: Best training for electrician

Fred Simmons has been teaching the electricians for the education classes from the year 1986. I personally find him as one of the best teachers.  Anyone and everyone who has trained under him find him to be one of the best person from whom one can learn the job. He is devoted in his profession, sincere and hardworking. On the other hand he is a good person. His classes mainly focus on the associated topics of the National Electrical Code. Simmons is currently engaged in the electrical program scheduled for the purpose of training. Simmons has an interesting career curve. He has worked on behalf of State of Oregon from the year 1985 till the end of 1996. He has also worked as an Electrical Inspector. He was also employed for Washington County from the beginning of January 1996 till the end of his retirement in the year 2003. Throughout his working life I have seldom seen Fred Simmons getting distracted. He was a thorough professional and was very serious about his job. Fred scheduled his class timings perfectly. All the classes consisted of four hours starting from 6:00 PM and ending at 10:00 PM. Fred believed that a four hour class is best in terms of quality and productivity. However this presumption of his was disputed. Some of his students found this time for classes to be not enough as they were only held during the Wednesdays. One of the most encouraging facets of his character was that Fred Simmons put quality over quantity. This he maintained right from the beginning. He stuck to this policy till the very end. I am sure anybody who believes in a principle like Fred deserves a pat on his back. As I have already said that Fred Simmons was a thorough professional in all his dealings. He did not hesitate to remind us about the pre registration well before the first class. And off course we took it in good stride. This is because we knew that the classes, which we will have under Fred, would simply be the best. This turned out to be a great idea as not only it ensured the payment but it benefited the students as well. The students were entitled for a discount through this method. At the same time it also ensured that all the aspiring electricians learnt their trade from the best teacher in the industry.