Harriet Quimby Female Aviator

We have all heard about Harriet Quimby and her achievements. Quimby turned about to be the first woman pilot with a license from the United States. Her deeds with the flying machine have become very popular. Harriet won the first US pilot’s certificate. She became the very first woman to cross the English Channel. The Aero Club of America awarded Harriet with the certificate of the US pilot.

Now we all know that as far as the aviation history is concerned women have not played much of a role. But people like Harriet Quimby are an exception. What she has contributed to the art of flying aeroplanes for sure is immense. Till this day she is remembered and admired by many.

Harriet Quimby was born in Michigan in the year 1875 and took her first flying lessons in the year 1911. Her deeds inspired many women. Lot of them became motivated and undertook lessons. Everyone tried to imitate Quimby’s deeds, and wanted to be as successful as her. Undoubtedly she had a great influence on many a young woman. Harriet had a large fan following. Matilde Moisant walked in her footsteps and became the next most famous certified woman pilot of the country.

The Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly over a span of nine years published more than two hundred and fifty articles by Harriet Quimby . It was during a time that she shifted to the City of New Jersey in the year 1903. She worked as a theatre critic. She was also a journalist associated with many a prominent media.

Harriet Quimby’s career along with her dreams ended on 1st July 1912, following a plane crash. The reason for her death is still not very clear. The unfortunate incident occurred during the Boston meet airplane show. With her death the aviation industry lost one of its most talented and versatile pilots. Her immense skill, however, ensured that she had carved a niche for herself in the aviation history.