Jonathan McCullum : Starved in Egypt

I am sure you would be surprised to hear the story of Jonathan McCullum. When he left for Egypt the last summer as a student replacement he was in perfect shape national anthems. He was fit and fine. But the story after that was really shocking. Jonathan lost almost fifty pounds within four months and was extremely weak. Even carrying his luggage was a struggle for him putzplan downloaden. The doctors advised for a complete bed rest. He was in danger for a massive cardiac attack. I found the reason for this loss even more shocking. Jonathan stayed with a Coptic Christian family who fasted a touch over two hundred days in a year video from youtube download legal. Jonathan was a victim of this strict schedule of the family. Jonathan was not used to fasting before. The matter became even worse as the family and Jonathan often faced communication problems solitaire download for free for pc. I must admit that Jonathan is a brave boy. In spite of his poor health condition, which was getting worse every day he continued to stay in that house without complaining and tried to finish the year. The Seventeen-year-old Jonathan had to be hospitalized for about two weeks formular l1 herunterladen. He has still not fully recovered. The teachers, friends and all his well wishers tried to convince him to change the home. But I thought McCullum showed character herunterladen. This act shows the determination of the little boy. Of course he was bothered about his health but that did not make him to compromise with his dream flughafenfeuerwehr simulator 2013 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. However, his parents were bothered about the physical state of the boy.  Jonathan was always happy and full of life. This incident brought some changes within him präsentationen zumen. He has become a lot subdued now. Jonathan’s mother could not believe her eyes when she saw him first in the airport. The Christian family were Jonathan stayed had a daughter and two young boys flight simulator for free. It was learnt later from McCullum that the family really treated him in a very harsh manner. Jonathan was denied food for most of the days. Even when he was offered food the quantity was not sufficient black ops 2 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Moreover, the remarks made by the family members were unbearable. They often complained that keeping McCullum was a lot more costly than their daughter when she used to stay with them. When I first saw Jonathan he was close to six feet and weighed about one fifty five pounds. He now weighs just ninety-seven pounds. From this you can make out the amount of mental and physical strain that the boy had to undergo.