Keyontyli and taleon Goffney: Twin Brothers Suspected In Tri-State Robbery Spree

This interesting crime story recently caught my attention. A theft took place at Washington streets on Tuesday in the beauty parlor known as Moon’s Beauty shop. The shop belongs to Ki and Jae Moon. As the owners opened the shop the next day they realized that about $2,000 has been stolen from their ATM situated in the shop. They noticed a hole in the roof and the police later confirmed that the thieves entered the store through that. The police suspected the twin keyontyli and taleon Goffney were the culprits. The police later arrested both the brothers from the spot. In fact Keyontyli was caught from the very shop and his brother was later chased and arrested from the rooftop of a garage. Keyontyli and taleon Goffney thus were caught almost on the spot and it is confirmed that they are to be blamed.  The police was on the look out for the criminals and they were already investigating a number of roof top robberies that happened in the last couple of months. In Philadelphia this has become a recent menace and the cops were on the hunt to catch the burglars connected to the serial theft. With the catching of keyontyli and taleon Goffney it is hoped that the robbery menace will come to an end.  The beauty shop owners Ki and Jae recently lost their son who used to stay abroad. They were already suffering from an emotional shock. The theft that caused them to lose a handsome amount and it was a real financial blow to the couple. Their son died in Iraq during a bomb blast. The twin brothers’ Keyontyli and taleon Goffney, who are now being charged for robbery, were also involved in x-rated pornographic films and were reported as gays. They are from New Jersey and had joined a gang of thieves who started the series of burglary by entering shops and houses through a hole on the roof.

Keyontyli and taleon Goffney have also been convicted for maintaining online websites that revealed them as porn stars. Keyontyli and his brother are sure to be sentenced. Like many other peace loving citizens I hope they are jailed. This will ensure that we live in peace.