Mermaid syndrome: fairytale coming true or not?

If you have the habit of reading newspapers regularly you must have heard about some rare medical disorders. I am talking about cases like twins born merged together or a foetus in the womb of a newborn etc herunterladen. The other day I was stunned when I stumbled upon another such phenomenon. I learnt about a rare scenario which is called Mermaid Syndrome or Sirenomelia. It reminded me immediately of the fairytales that all of us have gone through in our childhood herunterladen. Actually it is an extremely rare inborn malformation of human body where the legs are merged as one. Have you ever come across such a case? Well, I have not windows 10 frei herunterladen.  It can occur 1 in every 70000 cases. This can be deadly for the newborn as kidney and vessel abnormalities can take the life of the baby. The Mermaid Syndrome was previously conceived as an extreme variation of a disorder called Caudal Regression Syndrome but later it was categorized as a distinct ailment. In some of the exceptional situations, some victims of this syndrome have not developed the kidney related complications and continue to live treiber für brother dcp.135c kostenlos downloaden. I am going to tell you in brief about a few of them.  A resident of the USA, Tiffany Yorks, is a victim of Mermaid Syndrome and the longest survivor too rossmann gutscheine herunterladen. The surgery separating her legs was a successful one. Another such person is Shiloh Pepin. She had little chance of survival as her internal parts like colon and uterus did not exist and she also had a single ovary as well as an imperfect kidney herunterladen. She had to undergo two kidney transplants and they proved to be successful. She is perhaps the only surviving patient of Sirenomelia whose legs were not separated fotos vom handy herunterladen samsung. Mermaid syndrome thus is scary! Mermaids are not.  Another noteworthy surviving victim of Mermaid Syndrome is a girl named Milagros Cerrón Arauco. She was born in 2004 herunterladen. Her major internal body parts were functional but she got a defective left kidney and misplaced right kidney in her body. To make things worse, her urinary and digestive parts shared a solo tract with her genitals rar ordner herunterladen. The two operations to disjoin her joined legs were successful but it left her barely able to speak. After a third operation in September 2006, she managed to walk on the earth for the first time in her life bilder herunterladen firefox addon. She has improved but her doctors feel it will be some more years before she can live a regular life.