Python swallows small dog

There are many incidents that happen in our life which are quite surprising. Have you ever heard of a snake eating a dog download the certificate for free? This is one of those astonishing incidents that I recently heard. I found it unbelievable. This is a true incident that occurred in Kuranda, which is situated in the state Queensland outlook nachrichten automatischen. This place is located in Australian tropics.


It was a 16 foot long Python that swallowed the dog in front of his family whatsapp aktualisieren herunterladen. The dog was a

a crossbreed of silky terrier Chihuahua, . The long python followed the dog for few days before the incident took place Download card games for mac for free. A 5-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl witnessed the whole incident. The owner of the Australian Venom Zoo Stuart Douglas said that there are some pythons that are capable of eating many untamed animals like wallabies, which belong to the specie of kangaroo fotos herunterladen vom iphone. But in some rare instances they also target the domestic animals of a family living in a city.


This time the python made that dog its target and kept an eye on him for quite a long time playstation 3 spieleen. The family first saw the snake on the bed of the dog which was a symptom that the snake is in search of its prey. However it didn’t attack the dog that day but it came back after three or four days later to prey on the dog die immer lacht kostenlos herunterladen.


I feel the family did not react on time herunterladen. They should have called Stuart Douglas immediately.  By the time Douglas arrived it was too late and the snake had almost devoured the whole body of the pet except his hind legs and tail videos herunterladen youtube mac. During the incident the lady of the house tried to save the dog by hurting the snake with chairs but all her efforts were in vain. It is told by the experts that before swallowing the victim, the python first kills them.  The authority of the zoo has kept it in zoo and perhaps the snake is still digesting the lovely food it had!