Does Diet Soda Weight Gain? Does Ben Gay Cause Arthritis?

Sharon P. Fowler, MPH, and colleagues at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Fowler reported the data at this week’s annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in San Diego that Diet Soda is linked to Obesity ftp server kostenlos download. Well Duh!  People who are overweight drink Diet soda more than people who aren’t.  Just like People who use Ben Gay are more likely to have arthritis than people who don’t use Ben Gay herunterladen.

Looking at “markers” and saying there is a link should be outlawed.  Did you know that more gun owners die in hunting accidents than non-gun owners?  Or that people who make more than $30k a year are more likely to die in plane crashes?  People who know how to swim are more likely to die of drowning than those who don’t?  People who use products with Deet are more likely to catch malaria and lime disease windows 7 updates neu herunterladen?

None of the above cases take much more than common sense to prove.  Non-gun owners are unlikely to go hunting and hence won’t die in a hunting accident.  If you make less than $30k a year you are likely flying less than a jet set business person.  Non-swimmers tend to not go out on the water, and you don’t use deet unless you are going some where with mosquitos image j herunterladen.

I can link Obesity to a lot of things.  Did you know that people who own a Lazy Boy recliner are more likely to be obese?  Conversely Mini Skirts must prevent Obesity. 

A Membership to Curves would also flag you for obesity.  They should take Fowler’s Degree away from her.  This it the type of lying with statistics to get headlines that makes the general population uninformed.  People will switch to regular soda because they think the diet soda is the cause of their weight gain vrr ticket herunterladen.