The Dyatlov Pass Accident

I am sure you must have heard of the Dyatlov Pass Accident. This mysterious accident that occurred in northern Ural Mountains revolves round the demise of 9 ski hikers houseparty app pc herunterladen. The accident took place at night on the eastern side of Kholat Syakhl Mountain on 2nd February, 1959. The mountain pass (N61O45’17”), the accident spot has been named Dyatlov pass after the name of the leader of the group, Igor Dyatlov.  The group had been formed by the ski hikers in Sverdlovsk which is now known as Ekaterinburg ältere java version downloaden. The leader of the group was Igor Dyatlov. The group comprised of 2 women and 8 men. Most of the members of the group were graduates and students of Ural Polytechnical Institute excel englisch herunterladen. This institute is now known as Ural Technical University. The objective of this expedition was to arrive at Otorten. This mountain was located 10 kilometers to the north of the accident spot von youtube kostenlos herunterladen. At that time of the season, the route was considered as “Category III”, i.e. to be very difficult. However, all members of the group were expert ski hikers. Dyaltov was supposed to send his sports club an intimation of their return to Vizhai by 12th February windows 10 videosen. However, when no such intimation was received on 12th the authorities had no reaction. This was because there were always delays in the course of such expeditions how to download minecraft story mode. However, it was only on the demand of the relatives of the members that a rescue operation was sent. The rescue team consisted of teachers and students who volunteered to help datumprikker downloaden. It was later that the army and police got involved in the rescue operation. The deserted camp at Kholat Syakhl was traced by the rescuers on 26th February Friday of the 13 free. There were signs of emptying the tent in a hurry. There were signs of footsteps that went down to nearby woods. However, at the edge of the forest the dead body of Doroshenko and Krivonischenkon were found prime movies mac. The bodies of Kolmogorova, Dyatlov and Slobodin were found between the camp and the pine. The bodies of the remaining members were traced after 2 months. A lot of investigation was done to find out the causes of the death of the ski hikers, but no proper clue could be found tiptoi herunterladen mac. Till today their death is a mystery to all.