How old is Paula Abdul Dancing talent

Paula Abdul is known to all for her dancing talents. She made her first dancing steps when she was just eight years old. She danced like a matured artist. Everyone noticed her dancing talent. And all wondered how old is Paula Abdul? Just imagine a girl so little performing for the first time, overcoming all the tension and nerves, performing like a professional. Her talent was exceptional, so was her determination. So while everyone wondered how old is Paula Abdul she made her mark?  Even now how old is Paula Abdul seems to be the major query of most people? Anybody who wants to dance in her footsteps should take heart from her passion and drive to exceed. Paula Abdul received a scholarship at the age of fifteen. If you are one trying to find out how old is Paula Abdul you should try to know more about her?  It was a dance camp, which was near to the Palm Springs. The most encouraging part that I find in Paula’s character was that she was able to learn and adapt to all conditions. Paula used every opportunity to learn and proceed in life. She applied the same for her passion, dancing. She did everything she could do to realize her dreams. Paula learned a lot from the dancing camp in the Palm Springs. You would be surprised to know that she learned the art of controlling the weight, or in the true sense to lose weight for making proper dancing steps. Things like this may seem small to you, but they are crucial. She went on to study in the California State University, situated at Northridge after completing her graduation from the high school. Paula specialized in Broadcasting. She gave auditions for becoming a Laker girl. I find it an amazing fact regarding the selection of Paula out of a total of seven hundred candidates for the post. The fact that she achieved it within three weeks tells her commitment and the desire to succeed. After becoming a choreographer she worked with some of the best in the industry. The list includes Janet Jackson and many others. She worked with George Michael and Luther Vandross in the latter part of her career. Thus apart from knowing how old is Paula Abdul you should know these aspects of her life.  The Tracy Ullman Show earned her the Emmy Award for exceptional performance in the field of Choreography. She did not stop there. Paula continued to produce quality albums that broke all the records. I have no words to describe her zeal, passion and hunger for success. I can only admire her qualities. Almost all her albums featured in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 200. In the year 2002, Paula was honored as a judge for American Idol on the FOX's reality series.