John Barlow, a multi faceted talent

The other day I was reading about a multi faceted US creative personality who has donned many hats to perfection in his life. He is best known as an essayist and poet but he has trodden on the path of politics too. I am talking about John  Barlow. He was born in Wyoming in 1947. He did his schooling from Colorado’s Fountain Valley School. It was in this school that he met Bob Weir who later entered his music group named the Grateful Dead. They got in touch with Timothy Leary. After graduating from Wesleyan University, Barlow spent the next two years in traveling. After 1971, he tried his hand in Animal husbandry for some period of time. He has three children. Do you have any idea that John Barlow’s camaraderie with Bob Weir was strengthened in 1971? Prior to that, Weir used to work mostly with the band’s lyricist Hunter. It was an argument with hunter that brought Weir and Barlow together for the first time and they began composing jointly. Their union proved to be fruitful for both. They composed all time favorite songs like "Black Throated Wind”, "Cassidy” and “"Mexicali Blues”. They are the songs that the band is remembered for till date. But let me tell you that this talented duo churned out many more hits. Examples include "The Music Never Stopped”, "Lost Sailor”,” "Estimated Prophet”, “"Throwing Stones” and “Saint of Circumstance” etc. John Barlow even joined hands with the keyboard artists of Grateful Dead like Vince Welnick and, Brent Mydland. His stint in the realms of politics is something I can recall. He was a champion of libertarianism and this led to some inner conflicts in him. He could not adjust to the rising neoconservative wave and did not Support Bush. John Barlow decided to join the Democratic Party and immersed himself into politics. Later he has proclaimed of his Republican ideologies. He had good rapport with John F. Kennedy Jr. I have heard that he takes pride in calling himself an anarchist. He founded the EFF or the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 1990.