Waukegan explosion: Eight people injured

The explosion on Thursday at Waukegan injured almost eight people. For sure this was a major explosion as almost three nearby stores were completely devastated in the blast app youtube videos downloaden apple. The initial investigation made by the police termed it as a gas explosion. How exactly it happened is still unknown. The blast took place in a shopping plaza after noon netflix filme kostenlos downloaden. The location was Grand avenue 1900 block. The Unisex Hair Salon of the Cleopatra’s was damaged severely. Four people inside the Salon were severely injured snapfish fotos herunterladen. Keep aside the injury count and just imagine the magnitude of the blast. When I closed my eyes to visualize the scene a chilling sensation ran through my spine mehrere dateien automatisch downloaden. I find it extremely shocking. The shopping plaza is very near to where I stay. I was not present in my home at the time of the blast but heard it from my neighbors how frightening it was. The building has been evacuated sims 2 download origin. The police are still in search of a person, who is thought to be trapped under the debris. I always feel for the people who have the responsibility to do this rescue operation powerpoint smartart download for free. It is considered as one of the most difficult tasks, yet their efforts often get unnoticed. The fire department acted immediately after the police informed them herunterladen. Immediate action was taken and the injured got the attention they needed. A little delay could have caused unaccountable damages.  The walls fell well inside herunterladen. The police acted smart and evacuated the entire block. The fire crews did the entire hard work and declared the building safe for entering once more by the afternoon herunterladen. The gas crews of North shore closed the main gas line. They were waiting for the instructions of the firefighters before going with their operation. This I felt to be an intelligent idea and it also conveyed the amount of understanding between the two parties herunterladen. The entire operation was carried out smoothly in a well planned manner. The nearby residents and the shop owners were still very shocked to talk anything about the incident. The dollar store owner Megdi Hussain heard the explosion. It was so massive that it broke all the windows of his store. As he stepped outside he could see the front side of the stores opposite to his blown out. Apart from it he only saw a violent storm of dust with flying objects moving towards his direction. All that he could do possibly at that moment was to run for cover.