Richard Zednik Video of Bloody Hockey Accident

Richard Zednik, Florida Panthers forward, underwent surgery to close a cut on the right side of his neck Sunday after he was cut by a teammate’s skate during a NHL game pdf24 kostenlos.
“The surgery was successful and he’s resting comfortably in the hospital,” Panthers spokesman Brian Goldman said.
Blood gushed from Zednick’s neck after he was hurt midway through the third period of the Buffalo Sabres’ 5-3 victory, creating a frightening moment that delayed the game for about 15 minutes, and there was a brief discussion about postponing the game altogether fortnite op xbox.


“We shouldn’t have finished the game,” Jokinen said adobe gratisen. “I saw the replay, that it was my skate that hit him in the throat. I think we were all in shock. I’ve never seen anything like that. There are bigger things than (finishing the game) herunterladen. It was terrifying.
“I didn’t think anyone on our team was thinking hockey out there after an injury like that. If it was my call, I would have gone to the hospital with him.”

I was personally cut on the hand with a Hockey Blade, and that was a lot of blood, the people I was playing with were done for the day after that.  I can’t imagine playing on red ice from a neck wound mozilla old version.