Blu-Ray Addon Drive for the Xbox 360 in the works

HD-DVD died, and it is time we look to the future.  I’m still anti-blu-ray, but I have to have HD movies in some format so I guess it will be Blu-Ray herunterladen.

Microsoft and Sony are in talks about creating a Peripheral for the Xbox 360 to play Blu-Ray, but the current quote makes the drive nearly as expensive as buying a PS3 to play discs herunterladen.

Because virtually all PC BluRay drives are both readers and writers there is not a source of cheap readers to be quickly mounted in a USB enclosure kataster herunterladen. A quick froogle search reveals the Lacie D2 USB Blu-ray Drive to be $684, and the Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 to be $649

Bluray drive for Xbox 360

Because HD-DVD and Blu-Ray use the same Codec’s the only changes needed to the dashboard software, are the ability to use the Menu Features from Blu-Ray ebay sales.