Contestant Hacks a Mac in 2 minutes

Charlie Miller demonstrated a flaw at PWN 2 OWN’s annual hacking contest.

By directing the judges to a website he was able to gain access to their Computer Keepass 2.

Charlie Miller is best known for his Hack of the iphone last year.

Contest rules state that Miller could only take advantage of software that was pre-installed on the Mac, so the flaw he exploited must have been accessible by, or possibly inside, Apple’s Safari browser videos from orf tvthek.

Considering that the iPhone unlock tricks are primarily executed through the iPhone’s Safari browser this is no surprise.

Nobody was able to hack into the systems on the first day of the contest when contestants were only allowed to attack the computers over the network, but on Thursday, the rules were relaxed so that attackers could direct contest organizers using the computers to do things like visit Web sites or open e-mail messages.  But this is not a particularly strong testament to the security of a systems as the rules state you can only use a previously undisclosed flaw, not a known flaw, of which there are numerous herunterladen.