IE 5.5 More Standards Compliant than IE7 on Acid 3 Test?

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It is being reported that IE 5.5 is more standards compliant than IE7. But this test ignores that the test is not meant to necessarily reflect “renders more pages correctly”.  The test is designed to make known flaws glaring, and to help developers find flaws in rendering. 

A Stopped Clock is right twice a day, but a clock that loses a minute a day is generally more useful music from spotify download legal.

IE8 Which passes Acid 2 is only scoring a 17% according to AA, but IE 7 which fails only scores a 12% on Acid 3.

All of this is Interesting data, but again misses the point that Each of the tests in Acid 3 are not a strict pass fail, and because the tests are of known failings in browsers the browsers with more known issues are going to do worse, even if they render pages more often than other browsers.  I don’t think anyone thinks that Safari is the browser of choice, though it scores the highest instagram bild herunterladen ios.