Join The In Crowd: The Web is the place to stick your Ads

Maybe not all of them, but a good deal.  There is a simple rule when it comes to advertising, go where the people are.  The people are online herunterladen.

Sure there are people at Starbucks, and watching TV, and driving in their car, but can you reach them for 14 cents per thousand?

The web is a great place to advertise despite what the article says downloaden microsoft store werkt niet.

Let’s start with your website, You have one right?  A website is the single cheapest ad you will ever make.  Atleast if you do it right, and it is an anchor for all of your web presence.  Don’t confuse this with your Facebook or Myspace Page, those aren’t websites, those are Ad Pages ts3 kostenlos downloaden 64 bit.

If you are a small, medium, or large business, you should be spending a good portion of your budget on, online advertising in various forms.  People are spending more time online than in the car, or watching TV, and done right unlike when they are in their car at home watching TV, they are moments from being able to purchase your product chrome pdf nicht herunterladen.

Apple being Mathew Creamer’s example is not your typical business.  They sell a product that is more like a car.  You own it for 2-3 years maybe longer, it is a substantial investment, and you think hard about which one you want before you buy it.  You might say yeah but what a about iPod, well with all the colors and models the $200 investment is a good portion of a teens allowance and a big purchase decision pixel launcher.

You would never sell Office Supplies using Apple’s model, and you would likely not sell Cars using the model.  “Hi I’m a Ford, and I’m a Chevy” would make for a fun commercial but it wouldn’t sell cars untermietvertrag vorlage herunterladen.

What you can look at the model of is Viagra, Cialis, and other such products.  We may not want to admit that we are using their model, but let’s face it, the model works.  Target your ads, buy them cheap and make sales quickly as spontaneous purchases p server metin2 german free of charge.

Or if that model doesn’t work for your product try the Ford Model, put up your ad, make it not appealing to click but still conveying what you want to get our for a message, and use Impressions to build brand awareness binoxxo herunterladen.

People still don’t know how to advertise online, so it isn’t that it is a bad way to advertise, it is that it is still young enough that people don’t know what will work for their business herunterladen.

TV Ads for beer, and TV ads for Makeup aren’t the same.  And your online ads shouldn’t be the same either.