The Death of Google Trends and Other Lost Features

Google Trends which was hourly, has gone to being a seemingly random interval, and features repeats a lot. 

Google Trends was updating every hour at about 45 minutes after the hour, telling users what the top 100 terms for that hour were tiktok gratis herunterladen.

But the last couple of days those updates are sometimes 5 hours apart and sometimes are duplicates of data that is 14 hours old.

I suspect that this is a way to find or limit the number of people who are using Google Trends to find topics to write about.  I know it has made my writing more difficult iphone suchen herunterladen.

It also seems that the quality of the trends have gone down.  Before some things seemingly got filtered where as now searches that are clearly Trend bombs are making it through on a more regular basis kartenspiel spider solitaire kostenlos herunterladen kann.

Is Google Trends about to go the way of the Google Deskbar?