Pogo Jet Make Flying Cars A Reality, With the First Jet Taxi Service

Pogo Jet is about to IPO, and their model is interesting even if their bottom line isn’t.  Pogo Jet uses 3 passenger Jets to get you from point A to point B quickly.  Focused on the New York Metro, and New England Regions the flights are a bit expensive, but you can’t argue with the intimate attention you get sharing a ride with only 2 other passengers popcorn time downloaden op tv.

The Company will go IPO next week at $14.50 a share with 7 Million shares, meaning it will have a $100 Million Market Cap before it makes its first flight herunterladen.

While South West has shown that picking a region and dominating it with commuters can be profitable I don’t think they have anything to fear from this start-up that will likely cater to executives, and commuters who can pony up for a yearly commitment herunterladen.

Pogo does not aim to unseat the big guys.  Many investors forget that when you are looking at earnings per share a small company with a smaller number of shares can pay better Download cv for free.