Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) Install On Pete’s Avalanche

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I spent Easter day in the car with Pete driving toward’s Las Vegas New Mexico to drop his Chevy Avalanche off at the shop that is going to install his Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell (HFAC).  The Truck got 17 to 18 Mile per Gallon prior to having the install done.  So it will be interesting to see what it gets after herunterladen.

I expect that the improvements are entirely based around sacrificing horse power for economy by tweaking the inputs to the Fuel computer.  Pete thinks the system is fully legit, so when he gets it back in a week, you can bet that the reporting of the results will be fair and unbiased, since he won’t let me be pessimistic, and I won’t let him be optimistic music for ipod for free.