www.Bloomberg09.com Mike Bloomberg for President whether he likes it or not

For a while there it was something to think about. Mike Bloomberg, billionaire mayor the nation’s largest city, running for president. But alas, Bloomberg won’t be tossing his fedora into the ring routeyou download op garmin.

But it could have happened. “And maybe it came closer to happening than we realize. Think about it. Mike Bloomberg–formerly a Democrat, then a Republican, now an Independent–running for president smartwatch app herunterladen. Mike Bloomberg, a man whose cufflinks cost more than your car–running for president. Mike Bloomberg–possessing a checkbook that dwarfs the U.S dropbox multiple photos download iphone. Mint–running for president.” says Rich Hecker, Chief of Staff of www.Bloomberg09.com.

Naturally, if Bloomberg had decided to run for President, he would have needed to launch an official campaign website word downloaden windows 8. So what would a Mike Bloomberg presidential Web site have looked like?

Probably very much like www.bloomberg09.com.

The site that could have been a platform for President launches – anyway, without its candidate herunterladen.