21 December 2012 doomsday or awakening?

There are a lot of people who believe in predictions and soothsayers. Some do not believe them blindly but do not brand them as utter rubbish either spotify nur über wlan herunterladen. For firm believers in these concepts, a forthcoming prediction is nothing short of an inevitable event. There are many people who still swear by the magical premonitions of Nostradamus linux minten nederlands. A rumor that is doing the rounds for the last few years is about an occult event that may take place on December 21, 2012. While some people are predicting that the date will prove to be an ominous one, others are saying that a powerful spiritual wave will sweep the earth flags to. These are two conflicting opinions. You can easily find some books on this topic. There are such 2 books by Daniel Pinchbeck and Joseph Lawrence. According to the sources, The Mayan calendar is slated to end on this particular date adobe photoshop cc download. This overlaps with a rare stellar alignment in the universe. The Sun will be positioned in a typical alignment with the Milky Way galaxy. Astrologers are saying that this is a very rare solar constellation which repeats itself every 26,000 years herunterladen. It can cause major upheavals in the Earth’s surface and this has made people sit up and take notice. The History channel in particular has broadcasted a lot of programs on this theory mourning pictures to. The author of the eminent book, ‘Apocalypse 2012’, Lawrence Joseph prefers to think in a different way. He feels that what lies in the future can not be predicted exactly beforehand basecone app download. It may or may not be a catastrophic year in the history of human civilization. But irrespective of the coming future, human beings should develop the guts and sensibility to face any impending doom herunterladen. What he strongly feels that the year may bring a massive change, the precursor of which are the aspects called increased solar movement and global warming. Joseph believes that massive natural calamities in Earth have been directly or indirectly affected by enhanced solar activities in the past also routenplaner kostenlos herunterladen. The recent calamities like the Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Ethiopia are two prominent examples. The Mayan Long Count Calendar completes a full cycle and some people consider this to be the most significant part cod bo3 herunterladen. Whether the day brings solace or disaster for mankind remains to be seen. But people have to be prepared to face the day no matter whatever comes the way.