Airborne Health Settlement, Get your Airborne Refund

The scintillating growth of Airborne is due to the superb marketing of its products. It lured thousand of customers by advertising the advantages of its products. However the advertising was not very truthful and that helped the company to get the top position in the market within a short time. The company used to boast that its products could fend off the flu and cold. But this claim was shattered when ABC News revealed some interesting facts. On the program Good Morning America, ABC News has attacked Airborne by delineating the fact that its popular slogan is completely baseless. This created a furor in the market. Further investigations were done and it found out the actual fact. Airborne lawsuit was an outcome of this investigation. Airborne manufactured a herbal supplement which, it used to claim can fight against the cold effectively. Further it also claimed that it can prevent flues and can consolidate the immunity system of a person who is using this product regularly. They used to propound this theory based on their study. ABC News has found a startling fact that this study organized by the Airborne was comprised of two persons and they were not assisted by a doctor or scientist. Therefore it is simple that this Airborne Study is far from the truth. This is reason why Airborne lawsuit was initiated and it is catching the media headlines.  The impact of this news has forced Airborne to change its way of advertising. Instead of using direct claim, it began to demonstrate its claim in a round about way. But the major blow came when Federal Trade Commission resolved to examine the previous claim of Airborne which had helped it immensely to bag instant success on its debut in 1999. Airborne lawsuit was initiated on behalf of the consumer. Seeing trouble the company acted smart and decided to refund money to the consumer. Post the Airborne lawsuit the company has decided to publish instruction in magazines and newspapers to guide the consumer to collect money.  The product of Airborne contained various vitamins like Vitamins C, E, and A. But despite this fact there is no credible evidence  that could support the claim that it can help a person to fight against the influences of germs or common cold. Airborne lawsuit has forced the company to refund money to its numerous consumers. One can get all the details online by visiting this site In compliance with the Airborne Health Settlement, you can file for a refund.  Airborne was unable to show that any of the ingredients in its product helped fight the common cold.