Aunt Jemima recall forces people to check their Pancake

Among the leading US Pancake mix products, the Aunt Jemima brand of products is well known. This brand is owned by Quaker Oats Company. In a specific incident that will affect the consumer market, an Aunt Jemima recall has been announced by the mother company herunterladen. It is due to the suspected salmonella infection in the pancake mixes.
 Quaker Oats has a number of different products in the market under the Aunt Jemima Brand live bilder iphone herunterladen. Some of them are the Pancake & Waffle Mix Buttermilk complete, Original complete and Original flavor. All these products are going to be affected by the Aunt Jemima recall peggle kostenlos downloaden vollversion. According to the company, the consumers need not worry as the problem has been detected in the earlier stage and most of the products have not been shipped yet. Aunt Jemima recall may worry the consumers and that is why the company has provided detailed information in the website herunterladen. The site will be updated regularly to convince the consumers. A hotline number, 1-800-407-2247, has been given so that people can talk to the company directly if they have any question. The bacteria Salmonella, responsible for the Aunt Jemima recall are killed when the cooking temperature touches 160 degree Fahrenheit herunterladen. There are fewer chances of illness if the food is not taken in its raw form. The risk of infection is not great as roughly 98% of the contaminated items are still under the hold of Quaker herunterladen. The rest of the products have not yet reached the retail outlets and stores.