Grand Canyon flooding political gimmick or environment saver?

The waterfall of Grand Canyon is a marvel of nature and it draws a lot of tourists all over the globe. However, a controlled Grand Canyon flooding that is scheduled to take place has caused much uproar. It has created ruckus in the various bureaucratic departments of the government. It will require the release of a mammoth 40,000 cubic feet of water per second from the Grand Canyon dam. It is way above the standard requirement of 13000 cubic feet. It will be done to wash away the built up debris and sediments from the bed of the river. It will also benefit the beaches and nearby water bodies which contain several species of flora and fauna. The dam was built up in 1963 and the Lake Powell upriver of the waterfall was created subsequently. It ended the phenomena of the floods in springtime. But the plan of the Grand Canyon flooding has run into rough weathers. The detractors of the plan are saying that it will be counterproductive in effect. They are also saying that this artificial flood can not be as beneficial as the natural process and as a result endangered fish species will face extinction. Steve martin who is the Grand Canyon national park superintendent, has said that this flooding plan is meant to help the hydroelectric power stations that depends on the lake. It will enable them to meet the additional power demands during the summer. The supporters of the Grand Canyon flooding plan are however trying their level best to proceed with the plan and implementing it.