Jamiel Andre Shaw Killed in shootout

In an unfortunate incident a football player was killed on Sunday. Jamiel Andre Shaw who was just seventeen years old. Shaw was shot several times. He was taken to the hospital immediately where he was declared brought dead. Jamiel was shot at around 8:40 p.m. He became the victim at the time when his mother was returning from Iraq from her tour duty. The investigating authorities still do not have a clue on this incident and about the identity of the shooters. They are suspecting it to be a gang attack. Jamiel Andre shaw was popular amongst his friends in the name jazz. He was an excellent football player and an outstanding running back. His talent became prominent at the time for playing Los Angeles High School. He was also declared the most precious player of the last season for Southern league. Jamiel Andre Shaw was like any other normal kid. He had no involvement with gangsters and hooligans whatsoever. All his friends, relatives and neighbors knew him as a good and nice person. And it was the truth. Still he became the unfortunate victim. Moreover this incident occurred at the time when his mother was in Iraq. Shaw’s mother worked in Iraq for the year 2004 and 2005. She was actively working from the last August. She was informed about her son’s death on Sunday night. She was shocked to hear the news and could not make out why anybody would kill his son. Jamiel Andre Shaw’s best friend saw his friend dying in front of his eyes. According to him there were no chances of his survival. He was shot in the head from point blank range. Shaw’s father revealed that his son’s goal in life was to become a sports agent. He felt his son was very close in realizing his dreams. Unfortunately, however, it was cut short.  The Los Angeles High football coach, Hardy Williams rated Jamiel Andre shaw very high. He felt that apart from his supreme athletic quality Jamiel was an excellent person as well. This was most important. He was honest, hardworking and sincere in his efforts. It is hard to believe that this talented teenager would never rise again to play and get another chance to realize his dreams.