Lauren Burk the latest victim of University shooting spree

 The sporadic cases of violence occurring in the US universities in recent times have taken the nation by storm. In a shocking and macabre incident an Auburn University student, Lauren Burk,   was murdered by assailants einarmiger bandit kostenlos downloaden. The tragedy has shaken up the university authorities and other students and they have expressed their condolence for the victim and shock at the unfortunate mishap herunterladen. The hunt is on to trace the killer. The victim of the shooting incident, Lauren Burk, was shot to death near the university campus on Tuesday night. The unfortunate girl was only 18 years old instagram foto downloaden pc. As expected, the news of the tragedy engulfed the university campus on the following day. However, the administration did not want to disrupt the regular classes after the shooting incident herunterladen. Auburn University has a total of 24000 students, as of now. The president of the University, Jay Gogue has said that he is completely stunned and no word can express his grief and shock properly pictures whatsapp. He has made the statement on the Website of Auburn University. He further said such disastrous incidents are unfamiliar in the history of the institution and the family of Lauren Burk deserves heartfelt prayers and condolences. The university administration has stepped up the security after the incident that led to the death of Lauren Burk herunterladen. It has advised the students to search the university website for information about the incident. It has also appealed to the students not to get affected by rumors and unfounded fears top 100 musik charts download kostenlos. Text messages, voicemail and e-mail alerts have been sent to all students. Police patrol has been employed in the campus.