Lisa Niemi Patrick Swayze wife in grief after cancer discovery

It is quite shocking to see how the yesteryear stars who lived in the limelight in their prime time fall prey to the paws of time and misfortune. Not only the stars have to suffer in these cases, but it takes a toll on their spouse and family as well myst aktivierungsschlüssel herunterladen. People who love dancing consider the cult movie titled “Dirty Dancing’’ till date. This 1987 blockbuster made actor Patrick Swayze a national craze after its release partizip ii. The star owes much of his success and fame in the glitzy world of Hollywood to the movie. It catapulted him to stardom and he went on to become Hollywood’s maverick leading actor mods minecraften. He later tied the knot with Lisa Niemi, an actress. According to The Times report published on the 6th of March, Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with a case of pancreatic cancer. Patrick has been reported to go through radical chemotherapy in January in California songs at deezer. The pancreatic cancer that has grasped the aging actor has been rumored to have swelled to his other body parts. The actor does not want to go public with his ailment and this can be understood from the silence of his spokesperson herunterladen. However, one can very well understand what Lisa Niemi, his actress wife, is going through. In spite of the reluctance of Patrick’s spokesperson to speak to the media, a New York Post representative has said that the news of the actor’s ailment is a confirmed one wiso mein geld herunterladen. Patrick starred in a number of films in his career but he declined to see the stage adaptation of ‘Dirty Dancing’. The doctor under whose medication Patrick is kept, George Fisher, has expressed optimistic views about his patient kostenlose antivirenprogramme zum downloaden. However, no comment has been made by Lisa Niemi, his spouse