Metro north building collapse created immense inconvenience for the passengers.

The sudden Metro north building collapse had resulted in stopping all train from running in the North Railroad. The Metro- North Railroad provides a railway service to the passengers residing in the northern suburbs of the New York City. However, a collapse of a building resulted in the stoppage of the trains. The trains were stopped for a time exceeding 90 minutes. This stoppage of the trains resulted in  overcrowded metro stations. According to the reports of the New York City Office of Emergency Management a part of the Metro north building collapse occurred in the earlier part of the day. However, around 3:10 p.m. the building totally collapsed. It was a deserted five story residential building located on 124th Street East close to Park Avenue. However, the reports say that there have been no injuries. The Metro-North is United States second- largest passenger railway.  Around 125,000 passengers travel daily on its three lines. These lines lie between the Grand Central of Manhattan and the suburbs of New York and Connecticut. The Metro north building collapse resulted in the stoppage of the railroad in Grand Central Terminal around 3:09 p.m. Later on all trains in the three lines were suspended. This had been reported by Dan Brucker in a telephonic interview. However, in the later part of the day the services were restored in the northern part of 125th street. At around 4:45 p.m. the entire function was resumed. The tracks of the Metro- North move over the land in the vicinity of the Metro north building collapse. According to the reports of Marjorie S. Anders, a spokeswoman, the trains were stopped from running, in order to prevent more damage that may have caused by rumbling. Because of the collapse, the police had to close down the area between 123rd– 125th street of Park Avenue. Besides, the 124th Street lying between the Lexington and Park Avenue also had to be closed down.   The property that collapsed is owned by Kushner Cos. of New Jersey. However, the officials of city fire and building department were inspecting the building when the collapse occurred. According to Howard Rubenstein, the collapse was not triggered by the inspection procedures. Jared Kushner has expressed his apology for the inconvenience caused because of the Metro north building collapse.