Mother of Toddler Sprayed at Car Wash to Face Charges

I should preface this with I believe spanking can be an acceptable form of punishment.

A Florida mother was caught on tape supposedly using a pressurized hose at a car wash to discipline her toddler.

While it is is true that the mother sprayed her toddler at the Car Wash that isn’t the complete story.  It appears she was washing off the urine stained child who had wet herself and the backseat.  I’m not saying this is appropriate, but it does seem that the point of the exercise was to embarrass the toddler not to injure her.

The nearly 3 year old girl was not hurt, and her mother reassured her through the washing that she was not going to hurt her.  This is in my view no where near as bad as the parent who threatens to tan your hide raw, or use a belt, which would be legal in many places.

Pressure washers can be dangerous, many have “warning risk of injection” written on them so to let you know that you shouldn’t play in them.  But this Mother was gently rinsing her daughter in what was likely cold water on a day warm enough to wear shorts in Florida.  Dumb, but not criminal.