Newton Virus Safe Prank that Spreads by USB Key

The computer viruses that were created in the earlier days were harmless. The computer adopters created these early viruses for fun. The main aim of these viruses was to entertain and surprise the users app aus microsoft store herunterladen. These viruses were not made to destroy the computers. One such computer virus is the Newton Virus. The Newton virus can be used to entertain the computer user you can music from youtube. It is the first virus that brings gravity to ones computer. This virus causes the falling down of the desktop’s icons as if these icons are subject to the real world’s gravitational pull sims 3 houses for free.

The USB key is used to manually infect the computer with the Newton Virus. The virus automatically gets itself copied on the computer’s hard drive once the key is plugged into the computer symantec endpoint protection herunterladen. The virus does not reproduce, or get transferred to other computers through mail, or destroy the computer files. It only provides the user with few moments of joy and surprise kostenlose bus simulator herunterladen. The Newton Virus was designed by London collective Troika. The virus causes the downward falling of the icons of the desktop as if the icons were affected by the forces of gravity worms kostenlosen. A USB key that has been specially designed is used to transfer this virus to ones computer. The Newton Virus was created in the year 2005. This virus will be shown till 12th May at the exhibition of Design and the Elastic Mind that is being held in New York herunterladen.