Randy moss website details of the star footballer

Randy Moss is one of the well known football player of the New England Patriots. In the beginning of his career in football he played for seven years in NFL with the Minnesota Vikings. In the year 2005 he signed a contract with the Oakland Raider and played for them for two years. On 29th April 2007 he got the opportunity to play under New England Patriots. He was chosen by Randall Gene Moss and a signed a contract with the New England Patriots. He received world wide fame by playing under this team. How he started his career and he became popular in this game can be found in Randy Moss Website.  In the year 1998 when NFL plan was forming randy Moss was selected in the Minnesota Viking. He played a number of club matches of NFL clubs. Recently, however, Randy Moss, has signed a new contract with the New England Patriot under which he will play under this team till 2010. If you have gone through Randy Moss website you must know that he signed this three years contract for $27 million. Not only this, the contract also includes $15 million in guarantee and $12 million as bonus for signing the contract.  Randy Moss has shown his amazing performance in the first match under New England Patriot. He created a record and gained popularity with his 23 touchdown reception. In the whole series he took 98 catches. This was the second highest score created by him after Wes Welker who took 112 catches.   In Randy Moss website you can also find that he has thanked his fans for supporting him for so long. If you are a fan of him and are interested about Randy Moss and want to know about him you can visit Randy Moss website. The name of his website is TheRealRandymoss.com. In this website you can find answer to most of your question regarding Randy Moss. The luck of Randy Moss actually changed in the year 2003 when he got the chance to play in the regular series. In this series he created a record by becoming the second wide receiver. In this series he played more than 12 matches. He ended up the whole series with 111 receptions and 17 touchdowns for 1,632 yards. He gained popularity from this match and further his name was selected in New England Patriot team.