Entomological Dysplasia, When Humans Transform in to Insects

The New York Times chose to run a very strange Op-Ed claiming that Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” was not fiction, but rather based on an actual event in which his neighbor suffered entomological dysplasia the result of which was a transformation into a giant cock roach foto's downloaden van icloud naar macbook.

The point of the Op-Ed was not as clear to those who are not familiar with Margaret B Jones’s, “Love and Consequences” and Misha Defonseca’s “Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years”.  The intent of the OP-Ed was to say that a great piece of literature can remain a great piece of literature whether it is a work of fiction or not.  Jones and Defonseca claimed to be non-fiction and then were found to be fiction, and were slammed very hard in the media for it, but would we do the same if it were found that Kafka’s fiction had been non-fiction von onedrive bilder herunterladen.

The analogy doesn’t work for me.  Even if Kafka’s account of entomological dysplasia had been based on real events he would have had to make up the thoughts and feelings of the man he wrote about, as he could not have interviewed the cock-roach.  I am sure the Diary of Anne Franke has some parts that were embellished to make the story more readable, a bit funnier in the light sections, but if it had turned out later in life that she was actually in America during the Holocaust I think people would remove her from the mandatory reading list in High Schools around the world free swarm swarms.

So no fear, you aren’t going to turn in to a bug, as the result of entomological dysplasia, but you may have to wonder the next time you read “non-fiction” from someone you had never heard of before that oddly lived a fantastic life wdr beitrag herunterladen.