www.EarthHour.org Feel Good About Saving the Planet Through Inaction

EarthHour.org is the type of site that embodies all that is wrong with people trying to save the planet.  You can’t in one hour do any good by turning off the lights, in fact you will likely do more harm especially if you decide to use candles instead urkunden vorlagen kostenlos herunterladen.

This is an exercise in making people feel good.  One of those things that you can hold over your friends when you feel bad about the Sea Bass you ordered in a Restaurant or when I point out that my Mini gets 45 miles to the gallon, and your Hybrid Chevy gets 24 herunterladen.

If you want to make a difference plant a tree, if everyone took an hour and found a place to plant a tree that would be sustainable for the next 20 years it would make a huge difference how to at sims 3 items.

Or if you don’t want to do that pay someone else to, like CarbonNinja with their personal carbon offsets from managed tree growth herunterladen.

People will claim that this builds awareness, but unless it has an impact on people it won’t.  Starbuck’s being closed for 3 hours one afternoon had an impact on people.  If for 3 hours every retail chain closed shop to help save the planet, and we scheduled such things once a month, maybe it would make a difference but earthhour.org is just a way for someone to line their pockets and exploit people’s guilt elster income tax return 2017 download free of charge.