Sam Aiken New England Patriots player

Sam Aiken played in National Football league for New England Patriots. He played in the 2003 NFL Draft fourth round. In his career he played sixty four games overall. This included two starts on five seasons of NFL. During these five seasons, from the year 2003 to the year 2007, he played with Buffalo bills. Overall Sam Aiken has registered 250 yards and 19 career receptions.  Sam Aiken overall played five games representing the Bills. In these five games he made three catches and registered four special team stops. Aiken was physically very fit and did not miss any game on account of injury. Sam played in every game in 2004 and 2005. In 2004 season he covered 148 yards with 11 receptions. In the year 2005 his performance was not up to the mark. It did not match his standards in the past. Aiken scored 57 yards for four passes. In 2006, Sam Aiken played fifteen games. He managed to register thirteen special team tackles. Sam Aiken played as a wide receiver and had limited experience on offensive role. His reputation grew for covering punts and kicks playing for special team units. His inability to adapt in the offensive role was a matter of concern. For this reason chances created of Aiken getting replaced with a player who is more adapt playing in the offensive position. His performance in the year 2004 is still counted as his best performance. Sam Aiken was a committed player. He gave his all while playing for his team. His performance in the field inspired his fellow teammates.  He worked very hard for his fitness. In his last season appearance he did reasonably well. Representing Buffalo he played twelve games. Aiken caught passes for ten yards. He tallied 6 special team tackles. Sam Aiken was physically well built. He weighed worth two hundred and fifteen pound and stood over six feet. His height gave him a distinctive advantage over the other players. Sam was born in the month of December in the year 1980 in North Carolina. He played college football at North Carolina. Aiken decided to join New England Patriots in the year 2008. Sam Aiken got the respect not only from his teammates but his opponents as well. Sam considers this as his biggest achievement in life.