Sammy knight NFL football player

Sammy Knight is a well known football player of NFL. He was born on 10th September in the year 1975. He is n American football player who plays for New York Giant team of National Football league. Before this he was signed by the New Orleans Saint team in the year 1997. But later he left this team to join the New York Giant. As a student he used to play football in the college of South California. Sammy knight also had a good academics background. Before he joined the University of North California, he graduated from Rubidoux High School in riverside in California.  Besides, playing with the New York team and saint Orleans team, Sammy knight also played with Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City chiefs. The successful professional career of Sammy Knight started from 2001. He played an awesome match in the whole series of New Orleans Saints. In the year 2002 he appeared again in the Pro Bowl series with the New Orleans saint. On 3rd March 2008, he signed a free agent contract with the New York giant. The tenure of the contract is three years. The contract says that he will charge $5.1 million and will take $1 million as bonus for signing. However his charge is not yet confirmed. He may accept either $5 million or $6 million. Sammy knight is included in the team of New York Giant to replace Wilson. Sammy signed the contract at much lesser charges than Wilson. Wilson left New York Giant to join Oakland Raiders for a contract of $39 million contract. Sammy knight was very delighted to get the opportunity to play with this team. He feels that it is an amazing and most challenging chance for him to win the Super Bowls. He believes that as earlier this team has won super bowls they have chosen him so that he can again lead the team towards the success of Super Bowls.  Sammy Knight has achieved much fame and popularity by his brilliant performances in the matches. The dazzling performance of Knight in the Jacksonville Jaguar has attracted and surprised many spectators. He led the team with 93 tackles. His amazing performance has attracted his fans from days. Now he has gained 12 years of experience and still at the age of 33 his performance is as brilliant as before.