Outsourcing Trendy Posts to India

I did a brief experiment where I outsourced the writing of posts to India through a service called  For $5 a post a woman in India would write posts about the topics I gave her hoe een youtube film.

Using my Google Trend Tool to discover trends that were probable to rank well for I put her to work.

The problem is that Trends are often American Centric and with out the context of popular culture it just didn’t work well thunderbird rest of the message.

I got such great posts as “Neverland Ranch: Ideal children vacation spot” which talked about how you could take your kids to Michael Jackson’s amusement park and they would be molested, but that she enjoyed her visit there vera herunterladen.

This was an extreme example, but not as much as you would think.  With a distinctly Indian outlook on topics I had a lot of fun reading them, but I can’t imagine they were quite what the people who found them were looking for ccleaner kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch.

Overall the service didn’t suck, but it has to be used sparingly, and with very good direction. 

Neverland Ranch itunes apple de! The name itself has a sense of mystery associated with it. We would all like to go to Neverland. It would be a place where we could be our true selves and have a time of our life.  The name of this place reminds us of the story of Peter Pan where he describes an island where children never grow up horror spieleen kostenlos deutsch. Wouldn’t we all like to go back to our childhood once again? Then the Neverland Ranch is the place to go.  Neverland Ranch is located in California vlc player kostenlos windows 8.1. It is spread in almost three thousand acres of land. This vast place previously consisted of ranches; later however they were removed and now the place is replete with vineyards instagram bilder herunterladen online. It is an ideal vacation spot. So if your tired soul is looking for some balm this is the place to go.  Actually the renowned pop dancer as well as musician, Michael Jackson, owns this vast area discord für windows herunterladen. It was inaugurated in 1988 to cater the need of an amusement park. It has many things incorporated in it. These include a theme park, a zoo; sea dragons are some of the most interesting objects vba herunterladen. Are you looking for a vacation with your children and your family? Then Neverland Ranch would be the place to go.  At first this place is used to be for the private use of the pop singer. Numerous parties used to be held here. This place that is the Ranch Neverland was also used for raising funds for some charitable institutes. In 2003 the pop artist organized a party to help Oneness, which is a charitable institution.   Later the place was opened to the public. Among all the kids it became a great hit! Then the thing happened. Michael Jackson was accused of exploiting the children who used to roam in that place, sexually. At first it was negotiated out side the court, but in 2003 the situation became worse and the matter reached in the court. Though he was acquitted from the accusation, his amusement park came under scanner.  Whatever the fact may be, this incident has forced Jackson to take a decision to keep away from this Neverland.  At last he shifted his abode from United States to Bahrain to evade the controversies. Neverland Ranch, however, still continues to be a favorite among children. I have visited it once and have loved it. Why don’t you go there with your family for a short break.