Swiss minigun the smallest gun in the world.

Swiss minigun is considered to be the smallest gun I the world. It has been developed by Swiss gunsmith. However, the US government ahs banned this gun. The length of this revolver is 2.2 inches. In spite of its miniature size it possesses the characteristics of a proper sized gun. It can be used to kill a person from a short distance.   The Swiss minigun uses bullets of miniature size. This minigun uses a bullet having a capacity of 2.34 mm caliber. The revolver is provided with an extra trigger so that people shoot this miniature gun. The body of the gun is made of stainless steel. However, this miniature gun costs around 6,500 Swiss Francs.  The Swiss minigun has been mainly developed for show. But in most part of the world it is considered to be a weapon. Different countries have different rules for allowing a particular weapon. The regulations are made on the basis of the power and size of the guns. This length of the gun being less than 3 inches has been banned in United States. However, this gun is not considered to be a weapon in Canada. This is because the velocity of the bullets used by this gun is low. However, a person desiring to purchase this revolver from Canada should possess a permit for import. The most surprising fact about the Swiss minigun is that despite its size, the gun can be used for firing. The 2.34 mm caliber bullets used by this gun comes out at a speed of 399 feet/second. However, this miniature can be given a stylish look by decorating it with diamonds and gold.