Tripp Isenhour- faces charges for his cruel behavior.

The news about Tripp Isenhour being charged for his cruel action to a hawk is shocking. The news states that Tripp Isenhour during the recording of a TV had hit a hawk by golf shot. He had done this as he was getting disturbed by the noise that the hawk was making. The PGA tour has been asked by a group working for the animal rights to take necessary steps against the player. Tripp Isenhour has been charged of killing a migratory bird. The incident had taken place on Wednesday in Colorado.  Because of this crime he may have to pay a fine of $1,500 and face an imprisonment of 14 months cut pattern baby neckscarf free download. According to Dale Barlette, the PGA should not neglect the issue as the crime has been committed by a famous player. Instead they should take necessary steps so that the players get aware that PGA will no overlook any cruelty done towards animals by the players. Barlette is the deputy manager of Humane Society of the United States and deals with the issues related to animal cruelty.  The incident had occurred when Tripp Isenhour was shooting for “shoot Like a Pro”. The incident took place on 12th December in Isenhour’s home course, the Grand Cypress Golf Club. You may need to buy a new golf cart battery charger office word download kostenlos chip. There can many reasons why your old device is no longer usable. Perhaps it broke down and does not work at all, or perhaps someone stole it from you. None of these reasons are going to make you happy, but there is some good news on this front. This information article examines some of the ways you can make quick work of this unpleasant task and perhaps save some money while doing it. If you have charging questions about your golf charger, you can visit golfcartgarage  site.

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The player got angry by the squawking of a hawk youtube videosen chip. He drove on his golf cart and on being very close to the bird started hitting the bird with balls. One of his balls hit the head of bird and it fell on the ground. This cruel behavior of Tripp Isenhour has been criticized by many. The group dealing with the animal rights wants the PGA to take strong measures against him. They want that Isenhour should be penalized for his cruel behavior towards animals.