Metal Gear Solid (MGS4 / MGO) Beta Launches

The only thing more anticipated than Grand Theft Auto IV is Metal Gear Solid Online Beta.  To get in you will need to sign up for a Konami ID at, get a working MGO beta code, download the massive 1.01 update, and jump in the game lego anleitungen zum downloaden.

MGS4 marks the first time a Metal Gear Solid game will support 16 player multi-player.  The game is to PS3 what Rainbow 6 is to Xbox 360, though now that PS3 has R6 Vegas 2, that analogy doesn’t hold up as well gta 5 handy herunterladen.

Below is the HD version of the trailer.

Sony still has to push things like “online” as the Xbox Live feature that we take for granted to be built in to all Xbox Games is not present in many PS3 games.  No one would have thought to call it Halo 3 online, or R6 online herunterladen.