Spiderman Web of Shadows

Activision launched today.  The latest in the Spiderman franchise of games.  This latest iteration is most like Grand Theft Auto.  Rather than being tied to a linear story line you can choose to be a good guy, or a bad guy. An odd move considering GTA4 ships only 3 days ahead of Web of Shadows.

According to Activision, Spider-Man’s latest adventure will let players choose how they want to play — if folks want to be the friendly neighborhood superhero, they can, but they can also ignore missions and “Sieze Control” as an anti-hero who is only looking out for himself. Marvel heroes and villains will pop up in the adventure, and gamers will have the ability to change sides as they see fit.

There will be the traditional combo attacks on the ground, but the game will also feature a brand new emphasis on vertical combat as gamers take Spidey to the skies and duke it out with bad guys.

Activision is keeping its lips sealed about what Spider-Man is up against in the new game but we know it’s a threat to the entire world and that it can do some real damage to New York. From the one screenshot and teaser trailer, it looks like Spidey’s up against a number of villains who can redecorate buildings and create giant oozing black tendrils.

Shots of some black gunk imply that Venom will make an appearance.

sieze spiderman web of shadows