Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) Part 2: DIY Hydrogen for under $20

I built a fuel cell for under $20 with parts from around the house and Home Depot.  While I don’t end up with the Hydrogen BBQ I was hoping for, I have what could be a great start to a potato gun videos von odnoklassniki herunterladen.

The concept of an Electrolyzer is very simple.  You create a device with alternating Positively and Negatively charged plates.  The Spacing of these plates should be as close together as possible with out arching.  Because I don’t know your power supply, I’m not showing how to space the plates herunterladen. (if you pull a toaster in the bath tub it’s not my fault).  This experiment uses electricity and water which can be a mildly dangerous combination stronghold kostenlosen vollversion deutsch.

I started with some of the Dual Outlet covers from Home Depot.  Drilled those out so that I could have one side that connected to two bolts, and the other side was drilled out wider so that I could use tubing over the bolt to insulate it.  (see video) jahreskalender 2019 excel kostenlos.

Dual Outlet covers from Home Depot - Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) Part 2: DIY Hydrogen for under $20 

(“For Wet Locations” like submerged in beer?)

I then stacked the plates alternating so that they still fit together nicely but the two sized drill holes alternated.  The bolts and the Insulators are then inserted, and in my case I used Zip Ties to maintain spacing and hold everything together.  You may consider using checkers, a comb, anything that will space and insulate.  I was looking for something ceramic but couldn’t find anything.  (the better quality and more corrosion resistant the better) fortnite nintendo.

Your prototype should have maybe 4 plates and you should see at what spacing you get bubbles and how much so that you can tweak before assembling the entire project herunterladen.


I then placed the electrolyzer in my Pseudo-tupperware and ran wires and tubing.  You have to hook the positive to on bolt, and the negative to a bolt that connects to the opposite set of plates, if you pick the wrong bolt you will create a dead short city skylines kostenlos herunterladen.

To get enough hydrogen to “fizz” you will need atleast 12volts at 1 amp.  To get enough to “potato gun” ever 45 seconds I needed 16 volts at 6 amps.  At 120 volts and 8 amp, I had a LOT of bubbles from water, but the electrical properties of the circuit would change as the water started to be mostly gas, and I’d start to arch which is scary since an arch in hydrogen would cause the water to explode in the container, luckily my container was small and the force would loosen the electrical connections so I didn’t explode in my drive way where I was playing knipprogramma xp downloaden gratis.

You can see in the video that you can create quite a decent “pop”  enough to leave my ears ringing.   (You can see the Flames in the slow motion clip)

Switching to Beer I was able to get very good Hydrogen/Oxygen production, but I was also getting “head”, which was preventing smooth flow of the Hydrogen wie schnell kann die ps4 downloaden. I think if I let the beer go flat it would work quite well.  You can see the torch like effect that it has with what is coming out of the bubbles herunterladen.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but if you explode the beer the way I did the water it scorches the head, and you get a sort of beer Meringue, and your whole place smells like a brewery.

I think if I used 4 of these setups 16 volts 24 amps and flat beer I could make a Barbeque that would not only cook the food but would give it that slight Hopps flavor like beer battered food, or those turkey’s you make with a beer can stuck in them.