Replacing the Lamp/bulb in your DLP, LCOS, or other Projection TV

I couldn’t find any good resources to really show me how easy or hard it was going to be to replace the lamp (bulb) in my Samsung DLP.  So Christina made one, and it was quite simple.

Christina shows how easy it is to swap the lamp in your front or rear projection DLP, LCOS, or other HDTV.  It takes under 5 minutes and requires only a Philips head Screwdriver.  When we were done the display was significantly brighter, and allowed for better dynamic range.

Leave the Display on for a solid 4 or more hours the first time, and expect it will take 16-40 hours for the bulb to “peak”, and that you should wait about 300 hours for the bulb to settle on a temperature, which is when you should consider spending money to have it professionally calibrated.  Or use the calibration slates at immediately but expect that you will see some drift every 40-50 hours of use from when you first do the calibration until you hit 250-400  hours at which your calibration should hold for nearly 1000 hours of use.

Lastly, make sure you let the bulb cool before removing from the display.