Counterfeit Cisco Router May Be Backdoor Into FBI is hosting a Powerpoint file which even if fake outlines a very real possibility in which fake Cisco Routers could be used to gain access to sensitive areas of US Government networks xbox 360 update herunterladen.

Through reverse engineering, or simply purchasing chips from the same supplier Cisco uses, companies have been able to create nearly exact duplicates of Cisco equipment, which has the same look feel, and nearly the performance of the original equipment.  The biggest difference in the two is that the counterfeit equipment contains “Rootkits”,  code that allows the supplier to bypass the firewalls, VPN’s, and Routing tables and gain access to “secure” networks with sensitive data, or important communications herunterladen.

Imagine the havoc that could be cause by taking down the VOIP communications during an attack.  Or corrupting data related to an individual in the FBI database.  Or manipulating telemetry from a ship or plane.  Even relaying such information could have a huge impact herunterladen.

One would think that the Government could get the best deals buying directly from Cisco, and avoid such problems.  I mean it is not like they buy their fighter planes on E-bay, why would they buy their routers there windows 10 frei herunterladen?

Makes one wonder what other products that impact the nations security are less than authentic.