New Drug may Extend Your Life by 50%

Who wants to live forever?

University of Washington scientists have uncovered details about the mechanisms through which dietary restriction slows the aging process treiber für brother dcp.135c kostenlos downloaden. Working in yeast cells, the researchers have linked ribosomes, the protein-making factories in living cells, and Gcn4, a specialized protein that aids in the expression of genetic information, to the pathways related to dietary response and aging rossmann gutscheine herunterladen. The study, which was led by UW faculty members Brian Kennedy and Matt Kaeberlein, appears in the April 18 issue of the journal Cell.

When treated with an amino acids scientists have been able to extend yeast’s life by 50 percent.  If the same could be done to humans we could go from an 85 year natural lifespan to 127.  Better start saving for retirement you are going to retire at 65 and have 62 years to spend your nest egg herunterladen.